Nappies & Changing

Nappies are probably the most important and intimate item of clothing for your baby. The deciding factors when choosing a nappy is to ask whether the nappy is comfortable, leak proof, convenient to use and easy to launder. All our nappies have been selected with these factors in mind. Bebeco is pleased to provide comprehensive advice and support for choosing the right nappy for your baby, lifestyle and budget. Contact us on 01225 819 199 for telephone advise with one of our experienced cloth nappy advisors or by emailing us at

Whilst you may have decided to use cloth nappies, it can be easy to forget some of the other every day materials we use to support nappy changes are not necessarily chemical free. In our nappy accessories section we have sourced changing mats, nappy liners and creams etc that are free from harmful chemicals. PVC, Phthalates and other chemicals are all known potential dangers to your baby. We can help you ensure he or she is not exposed to these.

Once the nappying stage is over you will want to start thinking about potty training. This crucial stage is so important to get right and there is no reason not to ensure that the products you use to potty train are as natural as possible. If you and your child are ready to start , then you need all the right accessories.