Brand Spotlight: FLATOUTbear

Brand Spotlight: FLATOUTbear

What can we say! – These bears are our favourite comforters of all time! and we feel privileged to be a stockist. A longtime favourite with celebrities, loved by parents and with endorsements that go around the world, FLATOUTbears are a ‘must have’, set apart from the rest.

Coming in a variety of colours and in two sizes (Regular and Baby), FLATOUTbears are made from luxurious, ethically-sourced 100% Australian Sheepskin. Their uniqueness is in the fact each one is a little bit different.

Not your everyday comforter, they standout from the crowd with a distinctive flat design – making them oh so easy to cuddle and snuggle up with. Their arms and legs are squidgy and floppy and the texture feels velvety and soft. Grown up kids (AKA supposed adults) tell us that they will stroke a FLATOUTbear and feel the stress melt away.

For babies and children, they are a comforting presence – giving a sense of security and companionship both in the home and when out and about. As your child grows to love their little friend, it’s unlikely they will want to leave it behind at home when going on a journey – so you’ll want to ensure it joins you for all the outdoor adventures. We’ve also seen them double up as a travel pillow.

By its very nature, sheepskin has innate self-cleaning properties, the material is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and water-repellent. This natural material is safe for babies and children. Parents can rest easy knowing their little ones are snuggling up to a bear made from high-quality, safe, natural sheepskin.


Decisions, decisions… Now you know you want a FLATOUTbear, perhaps the hardest part is choosing which style and colour to go for. From milky white to chocolate brown to an adorable Koala Grey, there are plenty of options. So whether you want to match your child’s nursery or simply prefer a particular hue, it all comes down to your preference. With a wide selection to choose from, there is something to suit every taste.

New parents are delighted to receive FLATOUTbear as a ‘new baby’ gift and often become cherished keepsakes. They are an extremely popular choice for baby showers, christening and birthdays due to their timeless design and luxury appeal.

And because these bears are so cherished by their little owners, they come with a “please phone home” label. So in the unthinkable event you lose him whilst out and about, the chances of finding his way back home is increased.

Manufactured with safety in mind, FLATOUTbears have undergone testing to ensure they meet children’s toy safety requirements in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, EU, and the UK (CE tested). They meet strict safety standards. We advise adhering to SIDS guidelines and using common sense when giving a FLATOUTbear to your child. For newborns, we suggest placing it under your baby’s head during nappy changes, keeping it nearby during feeding sessions, or using a bit of breast milk to aid in attachment.


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