Brand Spotlight: Dooky

Brand Spotlight: Dooky

From small beginnings

Founded in 1997 in the Dutch village of Broek op Langedijk, Dooky has had a longstanding commitment to supplying parents with accessories for their babies and kids. Their main objectives have been to provide products that are 100% safe, highly convenient, and visually appealing. 

By focusing on safety, Dooky aims to ensure that parents can trust the products they use for their children. 

With an emphasis on convenience, Dooky wants to make parents' lives easier by offering practical and user-friendly products. This often means features such as easy installation, adjustable settings, and versatility to meet the evolving needs of parents and their growing children.

Dooky places importance on aesthetics and visual appeal. They understand parents appreciate products that are not only functional but also visually pleasing and offer attractive designs that enhance the overall experience for both parents and children.

It all started with a single product that became a bestseller. The initial "Dooky" was a cloth that could be attached to a buggy or car seat using five rings, providing shade and peace for children. This quickly gained popularity and has remained a bestseller for many years.

Building on the success of the original "Dooky," they have since expanded the product range over time.  This expansion allows them to cater to a wider range of parental needs and preferences, ensuring that parents can find the accessories that best suit their requirements. 

Freeing up your time and keeping prices inexpensive

Recognising the value of spending quality time with children, Dooky has made it a priority in their product development. By aiming to relieve busy parents and minimise the time spent on daily tasks, Dooky understands that more time available for parents translates into increased opportunities for bonding and creating meaningful memories with their babies or children.

Efficiency and time-saving features in their products can be beneficial for parents who often have numerous responsibilities and limited time. By offering products that streamline tasks or simplify processes, Dooky enables parents to focus more on their children and less on the everyday tasks that comes with parenting.

The entire range is always priced accessibly, and because they keep their products affordable they can ensure that a wider range of parents can enjoy the benefits of these practical products. 

Dooky's unique proposition has been a great success right from the start - this approach has resonated with parents and fulfilled a need many new parents find they have. By addressing the desire for more quality time with children and delivering products that support this goal, Dooky has gained a following among parents who appreciate their commitment to convenience and affordability

Dooky's products help busy parents, saving time, and offering accessible pricing.

The most loved items you'll want to know about:

 Universal Cover (it's a great sunshade)

Dooky Universale Cover. Easy to adjust in seconds to your pram, stroller, buggy and car seat 

The Dooky Universal Cover is like having a cosy cocoon for your little one! Its patented design provides UPF50+ protection from light, wind and sun, with enough ventilation to prevent overheating. It's adjustable to fit any stroller, pushchair or car seat 0+ in a few simple steps - perfect for a peaceful ride. Plus, it's machine washable - giving you all the bells and whistles with zero fuss!

Dooky Seat Cover (tested, approved & safe)

Dooky Seat Cover

Made of breathable Oekotex cotton, the Dooky Seat Cover 0+ is for car seats group 0+. Universal, fits almost all brands and models, and suitable for 3 and 5-point belts. It fits in seconds and better yet, is machine washable. This will protect your car seat from spills and messes whilst looking funky and fashionable.

Dooky Car Seat Hoody (soft, comfortable, breathable)


The Dooky Hoody creates a peaceful and quiet space for your baby. It shelters your baby from light, wind, sun, UV-radiation, sound, light rain and other surrounding influences, a practical and comfortable item when you are outdoors.

Optimal UV-protection UPF50+ and blocks over 97% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It comes in various colours and designs so you can get the matching pattern seat cover or sunshade to create a great look.

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