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Brand Spotlight: ClevaMama®

Parenting becomes easier with ClevaMama®. If you're seeking to alleviate the stresses of parenting, ClevaMama® is the go-to brand, offering solutions for everything from teething troubles to making bath time fun. Their products, designed by mothers who understand the challenges, aim to simplify your journey.

Co-founders Suzanne Browne and Martina Craine initiated Clevamama® in 2003 while juggling the demands of raising four babies under the age of two. Though those babies have since grown up, those formative years provided Suzanne and Martina with invaluable insights, driving them to continue designing and developing practical products. This commitment remains steadfast in keeping parents' needs at the heart of every product.

As award winning leading experts in baby bedtime and bath-time products their ever popular product ranges cover sleep-time, bath-time, feeding, travel and safety essentials. From rompers to mattresses to comforters, and more inbetween.

ClevaFoam® Technology - Ultimate support & protection for your growing baby.

When it comes to looking after your baby, you want to be sure the products you buy for them are working as hard to meet your baby's needs as possible, and that they are safe and effective. It's why we want to give a special mention to the work ClevaMama® put in into developing advanced materials to improve the quality of their manufacturing and continually pursuing clever solutions for parents.

Working in conjunction with University Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; this family owned business have come up with a material (ClevaFoam®) that has been specifically researched, engineered and designed for babies. 

ClevaFoam® is the ONLY foam scientifically proven to reduce pressure on your baby's head by 50%, increase support by 80% and aid in the prevention of  prevent Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome).

Supporting your baby’s growing body and developing joints ClevaFoam's key features are:

Recommended for babies
Helps to protect and support your baby's growing body and developing joints
Lightweight with 3D cell structure
Resilient material with pressure relief support
100% breathable core
Cooler with reduced heat retention
Hypoallergenic, Phthalates & toxins free
Ideal for babies with asthma & allergies
Many of ClevaMama's products incorporate ClevaFoam® to enhance them in the best possible ways for babies.
1. Extra Long Baby Bath Mat & Kneeler
Clevamama Extra Long Baby Bath Mat & Kneeler Under the Sea

The ClevaMama® Extra Long Bath Kneeler is an innovative and practical accessory designed to make bath time more comfortable for parents. Bathing an infant or toddler often involves kneeling or leaning over the bathtub, which can cause discomfort and strain on the knees and back. The ClevaMama® Bath Kneeler aims to alleviate this issue by providing a soft, cushioned surface for kneeling during bath time.

This kneeler sets itself apart by its extra-long design, offering ample coverage for a larger area around the bathtub. It's created with supportive, quick-dry neoprene material, which is not only comfortable for kneeling but also water-resistant, preventing moisture from seeping through and reaching your knees.

The non-slip base ensures that the kneeler stays securely in place, reducing the risk of accidental slips or movement while in use. This stability is so important when dealing with water and making sure that the kneeler remains steady on various floor surfaces.

The kneeler's lightweight and portable design make it easy to move or hang for drying after use. Its durability ensures it can withstand frequent washes and continue to provide comfort for many bath times to come.


2. Universal Footmuff

Clevamama Universal Footmuff

Designed to keep babies and toddlers warm and cosy during stroller rides or travels,  the ClevaMama® Footmuff is a versatile and practical accessory that is compatible with most strollers, prams, and car seats.

Made with a combination of high-quality materials, including a water-resistant and windproof exterior to shield against the weather, it has a soft, insulated lining that will keep your child snug and protected during colder weather.  


3. Extra Long Baby Apron Bath Towel

ClevaMama Cotton Extra Large Apron Baby Bath Towel

 Bathing your little one is a beautiful experience, yet it can present challenges, especially with a newborn. This is where the ClevaMama® Extra Long Baby Apron Bath Towel comes in, designed to transform bath time into a seamless, drier, and safer affair for both you and your baby.

This unique towel is crafted to fasten securely around your neck, equipped with easy-to-use open-and-close poppers, functioning just like an apron. Its extra-large size isn't just about drying; it doubles as a protective apron for your clothes, allowing you to enjoy your baby's playful splashes while staying comfortably dry.

Plus, with its super soft hood, it guarantees your baby is snugly wrapped to retain the warmth from their bath – ready to enjoy some cosy cuddles before bedtime.


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