The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot  Mattress (68x117cm)
The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot  Mattress (68x117cm)
The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot  Mattress (68x117cm)
The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot  Mattress (68x117cm)
The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot  Mattress (68x117cm)

The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot Mattress (68x117cm)

Handmade using the best natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping in a safe and healthy environment.
The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot Mattress is a double-sided mattress that offers different levels of support and firmness on each side. An innovative design that grows with your child so your baby gets the correct level of recommended support from newborn through to the toddler years, without you having to buy a new mattress.

Handmade in the UK, it is a high quality, 100% chemical free mattress encompassing beautifully natural materials such a coconut coir, natural latex sourced from the Hevea tree and luxurious welsh wool. Finished with a soft, breathable certified organic cotton cover. This mattress is anti dust-mite and fire retardant. Built to last, it comes with a 5 year guarantee of quality and workmanship.
Brand The Little Green Sheep
Condition New
GTIN 5060157944997
1 x The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Latex SnuzKot Mattress (68x117cm) with luxury quilted cover (non-removable). Fits SnuzKot and Toddler Beds.

Handmade in the UK, it has a deep springy core of natural coconut coir finished with a layer of natural fleece wool on one side and a layer of thick pure natural latex (sap from the Hevea tree) on the other side. These are then securely bound with luxurious layers of fleece wool. This mattress gives two levels of support. A firmer level to provide the recommended amount of support for baby (from newborn) is made up of coir/wool. The comfortably supple latex/wool side is designed to correctly support the needs of a toddler up to 5 years of age..

Your Little Green Sheep Twist Mattress will come with a (non-removable), durable, unbleached, organic cotton herringbone cover. We strongly recommend that you purchase the mattress protector at the same time to protect your mattress and cover. The waterproof mattress protector will help to create an anti dust mite layer and protect your mattress from wetness and can be purchased separately.

The Little Green Sheep guarantees this mattress for 5 years. This covers any manufacturing defects over a 5 year period from the date of delivery. This guarantee will be void should the mattress be mis-used in any way as detailed in the terms of warranty as published by The Little Green Sheep.
Measurement: 68cm wide x 117cm long x 10cm deep
Material: coconut coir, natural fleece wool, natural latex
Outer cover: 100% organic cotton - unbleached

Care Guidelines:
If you have ordered your mattress early and plan to store it for more than two weeks, do remove it from the cardboard packaging it comes in.  Gently and carefully pierce the polyethene wrapping so that the mattress is allowed to breathe. Keep the mattress in a room with consistent temperature and not in a loft or a shed for example.
Unlike other mattresses, the Twist Natural Latex Mattress does not need to be turned.  From 0-18 months the firm springy coir side should be used. The mattress can be flipped after your child reaches 18 months onto the supple latex side

Hoover your mattress:
Regular hoovering of the mattress will help reduce the risk of dust mites.
Stains & Soiling: 
Little Green Sheep mattresses are not waterproof and not removable - a mattress protector will help prevent stains and wetness from occurring. The process of waterproofing mattresses can restrict air circulation and reduce breathability. A mattress protector which lays flat on top will help protect your mattress from little accidents and also help keep out dust mites. If your mattress does get soiled you can lightly sponge the cover with a mild detergent and air out until completely dry. Always ensure the mattress is completely dry before reusing.
Non removable outer cover, sponge clean only. If the mattress and bed frame are sponge cleaned, you MUST ensure they have been allowed to air dry fully before use.

Sleep Guidelines:
  • The safest place for your baby to sleep is on its back, in a cot, crib or moses basket in a room with you for the first 6 months
  • Check your baby regularly to ensure that they do not become too hot or too cold, and keep your baby's head is uncovered while sleeping.
  • Do not cover your baby's face or head while they are sleeping, or use loose bedding
  • Babies do not need especially warm rooms (around 16-20 degrees Celsius is recommended).
  • Babies should never sleep next to a radiator or in direct sunlight.
  • Place your baby on their back, rather than on their front or side
  • Place your baby with their feet to the foot of the cot, to prevent them wriggling down under the covers, or use a baby sleep bag.
The Little Green Sheep mattresses are naturally fire proof meeting BS standards BS7177 and BS 1877-10 without using any chemicals.

  • dual-sided mattress that grows with your child
  • one side firm, as recommended for babies
  • twist over for a comfy and durable support for toddler
  • only 4 natural ingredients
  • free from toxins and harmful chemicals
  • breathable and anti-dust mite
  • 5 year guarantee