A sleeping bag is pretty much an essential part of your nursery. If you think about it, we all sleep better when our sleeping environment is natural, void of man-made synthetics and chemical laden fibres. We can all remember times sleeping in polyester bedding or sleepwear and waking up hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Your baby is no different, and for them it's even more important to be surrounded by breathable fabric because they don't have the physical capability of regulating their body temperature until at least the age of 5, so overheating is a real risk if it can't be regulated be external measures.

To ensure a safe and restful night's sleep for baby choose something that is breathable, soft and gentle. That's why we've chosen the ones we've chosen, all of our sleeping bags offer up comfort and excellent air circulation properties, keeping baby warm and secure. Baby sleeping bags are a safer option than traditional bedding as baby cannot slip down inside the sleeping bag like s/he can with sheets and blankets. Sleeping bags help reinforce bedtime routines as your baby learns to associate wearing their sleeping bag with going to sleep.

They are perfect for active babies as they cannot be kicked off and prevent babies from waking up cold during the night. They also prevent babies’ legs getting caught in cot bars and discourage older babies from climbing out of their cots. Sleeping bags do not have sleeves, this ensures air circulation around baby’s body.

Babies that sleep with traditional sheets and blankets rarely sleep with their arms underneath the bedding. Layering with long sleeved bodysuit and a sleepsuit or pyjamas beneath our sleeping bags will ensure your baby is warm, comfortable and well adapted to their environment in cooler weather. It is normal for babies to have cold hands and feet due to their still-developing circulation systems and is not an indication that they are cold. Feeling the nape of the neck or tummy are better body parts to touch when determining body temperature.