Bebeco Placing An Order

If you are having problems using our website please check the following points in the first instance. Most problems are usually caused either by your web broswer or cookie cache.  It could be that your web browser's security settings is preventing you from viewing our web pages.  Please check your browser settings to allow access to our site.  You do not have to change your settings but you will be able to use the site if you add to your trusted sites list.

It's possible that the information stored in your cache and cookies is out-of-date. You do not have to enable cookies to use our website but if you are having problems with the shopping cart or difficulty adding products to your cart, you may need to clear the cache. To do this select internet options from the Tools list on your browser and delete all cookies from your temporary internet files folder.

Automated emails
Once you place your order you will be required to make payment. You can pay via our card processor,  Realex Payments or Amazon Payments. Emails are generated automatically however on occasion if you do not return to the site after you have completed your payment this may not happen. If you do not receive an auto generated email please contact us and we will manually send your order confirmation to you.

Payment Methods
Most orders are completed successfully to resolution and without problems, however we do occasionally receive pending orders where payment has not been completed.  This may of course be because you have decided not to proceed with your order but it could also be due to technical difficulties on our payment partners systems. Amazon Payments and Realex Payments provide safe and efficient methods of payment, if you experience any difficulty completing payment please contact us on 01225 819 199 or email and we will provide alternative means of payment.

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