Natursutten Butterfly Natural Rubber Soother (Orthodontic)

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The Natursutten soother is a single piece dummy/pacifier made from natural rubber. Softer than silicone, the soother follows baby's natural movements, it will gentle touch baby's nose - which closely simulates breast-feeding. The large rubber mouth shield is designed with ventilation holes and the soft rubber prevents harsh marks forming around baby's mouth during sucking. .

Being moulded from a single piece it is extremely hygienic - water and bacteria won't get trapped or accumulate in cracks and joints, unlike some other designs where this can be a common problem. Ecologically sustainable, the material is sourced from the Hevea tree. This product is entirely free from BPA, PVC, parabens and phthalates.

  • made from all natural rubber 
  • pure & sustainable
  • made in Europe under European safety standards
  • no cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide
  • softer than silicon
  • will not leave marks on baby's face
  • free from harmful chemicals

Material: 100% Natural rubber
Packaging: 100% environmentally friendly recycled paper and printed with soya inks.

- Small: 0-6m (recommended for babies up to 6 months old)
- Medium: 6-12m (recommended for babies between 6 and 12 months)
- Large: 12m + (recommended for babies over 12 months)

Over a few weeks the natural rubber will turn from light brown to dark brown through use. Once your soother has turned dark, that is your indication that it's time for a replacement. All soothers should be replaced approx every 6 - 8 weeks. 

- Before first use, sterilize by immersing the pacifier in boiling water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool
- Clean before each use by using warm water and mild liquid soap.
- Never wash Natursutten in the dishwasher

Meets all safety requirements of EN 1400.

Instructions for use included in the pack.
Warnings: Never attach ribbons or cords to a pacifier, to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Latex Allergy: The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber sap used for Natursutten pacifiers. This means that there is no risk of provoking a latex allergy when using them. That said, we would never recommend using a product made from natural rubber for a child with a diagnosed latex allergy.


Box contains 1 x Natursutten Butterfly Natural Rubber Soother (Orthodontic).
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