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With ever more findings that breastfeeding babies is vastly superior to bottle feeding, the desire to successfully breastfeed your newborn is powerful. Sometimes you need a little help to make the process more comfortable and have ways to ensure baby continues to receive nourishing breastmilk even if you are not able to directly feed from your breast.

Lansinoh are a dedicated global business that understands the needs of new mums and design and manufacture a range of products that will help you. All their products are BPA free so you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals are to be found in anything made by Lansinoh.

A company that dedicates itself to helping breastfeeding mums find the process of naturally feeding their babies easier. Having developed a range of products that work and have won many awards, Lansinoh continues to be a world leader in excellence and innovation. Lansinoh is proud of its knowledge and experience. Formed over 25 years in providing support and encouragement to breastfeeding mothers.