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Gosili Silikids Silicone Baby Bib

The SilibibĀ®. This Silicone Bib is ergonomically designed to lie flat and features a convenient hidden pocket that easily flips forward to create a scoop. This baby bib can be worn either flat with the pocket flipped behind or with the pocket pulled forward. The bib is dishwasher safe, can be boiled to sterilize and is hypo allergenic.

When done using the bib, just wipe it off or rinse it under the sink. No more laundry. Great for travel too. Time to GoSili!
  • silicone bib ergonomically designed to lie flat
  • hidden pocket easily flips forward for use
  • soft and easy to wipe off
  • hypo allergenic
  • can be boiled to sterilize

Material: 100% silicone

Care: Dishwasher safe


1 x Gosili Silikids Silicone Baby Bib/Silibib.
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Brand GoSili
Product Code gosili