FLATOUTbear Baby (Honey)

They're soft, they're cuddly and super cute.  Loved by children and grown ups too, these 100% Australian sheepskin bears are a delight to touch and hold.

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Flatout Bear - the ultimate luxury teddy bear that's become a worldwide phenomenon, sought after by celebrities and one of our most popular gifts. Toys don't get better than this. We love that they are going to good homes to be cuddled and adored.

Made from 100% pure and natural Australian sheepskin and shaped like a teddy bear, the baby version is a smaller size of the original Flatout Bear - perfect for little hands to hug and hold. Every Flatout bear is handcut and each one unique but all are plush and luxurious. Children of all ages adore them. They can be given as a first toy or comforter and perfectly safe for play from birth.
Brand Flatout
Condition New
1 x Honey FLATOUTbearbaby . This toy is handcut and handmade from 100% Australian sheepskin. Certified as suitable from birth and has baby safe eyes and nose. Includes sewn in 'please phone home' label for your phone number.
Material: 100% Australian sheepskin
Measurements:  4cm  (2" ) flat depth.  18cm x 16cm  (7" x 6") approx. 

Please note that all measurements may vary slightly as each is Flatout is handcut individually.  Colour and texture will also vary as sheepskin is naturally sourced from Australian sheep and cannot be uniform.
Care Instructions: Handwash in warm water. Use lambskin shampoo to clean. 
Safety First: This toy meets Australian and International standards.   tested
As with all toys parental supervision is suggested. We recommend that you follow the guidelines as released by SIDS as well as using a common sense approach to ensure this toy is correctly used when giving children the FLATOUTbear.
  • naturally plush Australian lambskin
  • hand cut and handmade so not two are the same
  • easily cared for - suitable for handwashing
  • smaller version so it can be taken anywhere
  • great as a comforter and soft toy
  • a well received beautful and thoughtful gift