Cuddledry Original Baby Apron Bath Towel (Oatmeal)

The original multi award-winning baby bath towel - keeping baby wrapped up in a safe, comfortable and snuggly cocoon of softness.

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Bathing a newborn baby for the first few times is an anxious moment for most new parents so anything that could make life less stressful and more enjoyable is a welcome thing. The Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel is a simple concept that has helped make bath time a easier, more relaxing and fun experience for parents and for baby. 

Just like an apron the Cuddledry fastens around your neck leaving both hands free so you can concentrate on getting baby out of the bath easily and without fuss. It is hooded too so once you've got baby wrapped up in your arms he or she can quickly be warmly covered up all over to prevent unnecessary heat loss. 

When you are ready, the towel can be readily taken off with the single handed easy release poppers and baby can be put down on the change mat still snuggly wrapped up in Cuddledry's unique supersoft and luxurious bath towel.
Brand Cuddledry
Condition New
GTIN 5060159120023

1 x Hooded Cuddledry Original Baby Apron Bath TowelOatmeal/White. The towelling is made from a luxuriously thick double layer blend of natural super absorbent bamboo and soft unbleached cotton for optimum absorbency. Attaches to the neck with easy to use and easy to remove single-handed release poppers.

Material Composition: 56% bamboo fibre. 35% cotton. Base layer:9% Polyester
Measurements: Length (from neck to base) 112cm.  Width 75cm. 
Age suitability: This product can be used from birth and up to approx 12 months.

Care Instructions: 
We recommend that you wash your towel 3-5 times prior to first use. This allows the towelling absorbency to reach optimum and provide your baby with the best drying experience. The Cuddledry Bath Towel is fully machine washable. Please following the washing guidelines that will come with your product to properly care for your towel.

How to use:
Using the Cuddledry is easy.  It is as big as an adult bath sheet and has a generously sized hood to make drying your baby unhindered and stress free.  In order to make the best use out of using this product please take a moment to see the easy step by step guide below.
  • Fasten the towel around your neck with towelling facing forward and bath baby with both hands
  • Take baby out of the water with both hands and hold baby naturally against your chest.
  • Fold the towel up, over and around baby
  • Lay baby down on changing table or bed and undo from your neck
  • Finish drying baby whilst he or she is still wrapped in the towel all snug and warm
Whilst following these steps you should remember to support baby's weight at all times.  These steps can be followed either standing up or kneeling down, whichever is the most comfortable for you.
  • the award winning original bath towel from Cuddledry that keeps you dry and baby comfortable
  • attaches around your neck apron style, easy to put on and remove single handed
  • double layer of silky soft luxury made with unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibres
  • exceptionally absorbent, soaks up wetness incredibly fast
  • naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and breathable
  • popular gift choice for new parents
  • a safer, snugglier bath time experience for mum and baby