Cuddledry have grown from a single concept - of improving the lives of mums around the world with a towel that leaves both hands free to concentrate on the important job of getting baby dry - to an international business that makes beautiful towels for both babies and toddlers. Their designs are incredibly popular because they understand the needs of the child and parent. From award winning hand free baby towels to super absorbent swim towels to adorable ponchos - it seems that the Cuddledry is an excellent choice for families the world over.

Products from Cuddledry are always manufactured to the highest of standards and its classic range is made using premium organic cotton and bamboo fibre materials. You will find that whether your are buying the Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel, the Toddler Towel or a Towelling Poncho that the fabric is wonderfully soft and fantastic at doing its job of drying well and keeping cosy.

A mum's personal experience of using a regular bath towel to dry her baby led to the inspiration behind the unique design of the now famous Cuddledry. Finding that it was not easy taking baby out of the bath with a square towel, she came up with the concept of a towel that could be worn like an apron, leaving both hands free to dry baby. Such a brilliantly simple idea and one that parents around the world are grateful for. Of course, Cuddledry now has many other concepts and more great designs since its original idea - just pick the one that's best for you.