Close Parent

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Close, started out as two companies, one designing and manufacturing baby carriers and the other cloth nappies. As fate would have it the two mums were good friends and chose to integrate the two businesses into one company called Close Parent. Launched into the world in 2004, their brand and products were immediately warmly welcomed and quickly came to be loved for their high quality, innovatively designed products.

Quietly working away to build on the initial success Close has since become a leading brand in the natural parenting concepts market. It remains a family centred company, still run by mums and still coming up with great ideas that just make good sense. One of our earliest suppliers, we have continued to stock their ranges through the years and they have simply got better and better.

As a business Close is passionate about creating superbly made and intelligently designed products for babies, with parents in mind. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards with a complete offering - helpful guidance, great after sales support and full easy to follow user instructions, it is clear they really care about providing the best all round consumer experience of their products.

For many years now Close have been delighting parents with their award winning range of products for mother and baby. Specialising in baby carriers and cloth nappies. Close have always focused on producing the best in class: honestly made, high quality products. Natural parenting need not be complicated and with Close you know everything is the best it can be.