BumGenius V4 Nappy Velcro Hook & Loop Closure - Sassy

BumGenius V4 Nappy (Velcro) Hook & Loop Closure - Sassy

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With industry first stretch-to-fit tabs, This is an up to the minute modern nappy giving a comfortable and custom fit birth to potty performance.
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BumGenius nappies are proven reliable and it's feature rich design ensures a snug and comfortable fit for babies from around 7lbs to approx 35lbs. A onesize pocket style with integrated outer waterproof cover makes this nappy design one of the easiest to use and wash. Two soft microfibre inserts are provided to pop into the softly lined pocket as needed.

The V4 design features a 3 x 3 snap down system and unique fit to stretch butterfly tabs, this gives excellent adjustability and assures a snug and comfortable fit for your baby. The hook and loop closure version incorporates integrated laundry tabs on the inside to help protect the fastening and avoid catching when the nappies are in the wash.
Brand Bumgenius
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1 x 'Sassy' BumGenius Version 4.0 reusable cloth nappy with Velcro (hook & loop) closure. This is a onesize pocket style nappy manufactured by Cotton Babies designed to fit from approx 7lbs up to about 35lbs.  Featuring back and leg gusset with super gentle elastication, a 3 x 3 snap down system, unique butterfly stretchy tabs and wide slot pocket lined inner and insert stopper. Two padded microfibre inserts (one large and one small) are supplied together with the nappy. The shell of the BumGenius V4 is made from a soft waterproof polyurethane layer and a soft sueded fabric for comfort on the inside. 
We aim to keep good levels of stock across all the colour options with our BumGenius range. From time to time we may have certain colours temporarily out of stock and this could extend the deliver timescale for your colour choice, this is because we also offer multiple quantity kits which are not linked to the stock control system and ocassionally run out of colours here and there.  If this happens with the nappy you have chosen we will write to you straight away to advise possible alternatives which you may take up and/or provide revised timescales for shipping your order.
How to use your BumGenius V4:

Your nappy will arrive pre packaged with the snap down system on the smallest setting. The nappy can be resized to fit your baby simply by undoing the snaps and re poppering on the next row. This creates a bigger nappy.  To use the nappy on it's largest setting undo the snaps entirely to give the biggest sizing. 

You can tell if your baby's nappy is fitting correctly by lifting up your baby's legs and checking the leg area for any 'air gaps' between the nappy and your baby's skin. If this is the case then try adjusting the snaps and re position the stretchy tabs for a better fit.

Care Instructions:
  • Prewash your new nappy 3-4 times before first use, the outer cover can be pre washed just the once.
  • Close the tabs to prevent them 'catching' on fabric whilst in the wash cycle
  • We suggest dirty nappies are dry pailed (no water) and washed every 2nd day 
  • Remove solids from the nappy and dispose of in the toilet
  • Wash at 60 degrees
  • Can be tumble dried on a low heat (inserts only). The outer shell should be line dried only

All BumGenius nappies comes with a 1 year guarantee of workmanship and materials. This covers snaps, lining, closures and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is subject to control and inspection. Failure to properly care for your product with the manufacturer's guidelines will void the guarantee. Therefore it is important that washing instructions are correctly followed. Importantaly detergents containing additives such as enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes and natural oils must not be used. In addition the use of bleach or any product containing bleach, softeners and any caustic substance and the application of nappy rash cream will invalidate this warranty. Please note that leaking (unless caused by a defect), odour build up issues and normal wear and tear are also not covered.
  • super fast drying nappy
  • comes with two microfibre inserts 
  • pocket style nappy that can be boosted as needed
  • unique stretchy tab system to give best fit
  • slimline nappy suitable from birth
  • designed to fit right up to potty training
  • soft and comfortable against baby's skin
  • clever design prevents leaking and optimises absorbency

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