Breast Feeding

Innovative breastpumps, nursing pads and other accessories for the breastfeeding mother and her baby. From one of the worlds leading suppliers of breastfeeding products, Lansinoh. They only make products that are 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free. Lansinoh is dedicated to providing real solutions that support and encourage you to nourish your child naturally. Their award winning BPA Free product range includes Lansinoh Lanolin, Disposable Nursing Pads, Milk Storage Bags and Breastpumps.

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial activities for mother and baby. There is no other single action by which a mother can so dramatically impact the present and future health of her baby. No formula can duplicate the unique properties of breastmilk, no matter how many vitamins, minerals and supplements are added to what is basically a chemical formulation. Breastmilk is the one and only natural, complete and complex nutrition for human infants. Just as importantly, breastfeeding promotes an exceptional bond between mother and baby that only a mother can provide.