Bowron Shorn Babycare Rug (Oaten)

Developed specially for baby's well-being and comfort. Sanitised for lasting hygiene, a baby rug that provides a warm and secure baby comforter 24 hours a day.
Sheepskin is one of nature's incredible creations, renowned for its durability and practicality, they have long been used as comforters to soothe and calm baby. The 100% sheepskin Bowron Babycare Rug is supremely soft, comfortable and luxurious.

Warm in winter and cool in summer baby can make use of its multiple benefits all year round. Every rug originates from hand selected lambskin, chosen for its soft, fine, dense fibres - the finished product is transformed into the highest possible quality.
Brand Bowron
Condition New
MPN 4100-184-000
GTIN 9415860121702
1 x Bowron Shorn Babycare Rug - Oaten.
Made from 100% New Zealand Sheepskin, this is soft comforter rug designed specifically for infants and small children. This handcrafted sheepskin rug meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex standard 100. 
Manufactured using a safe tanning process. In particular the process ensures your babycare rug contains no pesticides, tin compounds, AZO dyestuffs, heavy metals or chlorinated chemicals. It is free from vegetable matter or other foreign material.
Bowron Babycare is a sanitised product. This ensures lasting hygiene and provides effective protection against bacteria, moulds and mites through many washes.
Material: 100% New Zealand sheepskin
Colour: Oaten
Pile: Shorn 30mm
Measurements: 2’8” x 1’10” / 80cm x 55cm (approx)
Care: Machine washable using wool detergent


Packaging:  Supplied with its own zip up carrier bag, with full instructions.
  • luxuriously soft and comfortable
  • therapeutic, calms and soothes baby
  • versatile product, can be taken anywhere
  • made with safe tanning process
  • sanitised for added hygiene
  • machine washable