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More than a million babies around the world in the last forty years can thank a young new New Zealand mother for her wonderful idea. She observed the long-term hospital patients benefits from lying on sheepskin bed pads and felt that sheepskin might help relieve the pain of her child, who was in hospital with a broken thigh. The sheepskin gave her child great comfort and from that was born the idea that resulted in today’s Babycare lambskins.

Research has shown that babies are more content, cry less and sleep sounder on a natural lambskin wool rug. This has been proven and tested worldwide. The Bowron Babycare range, born from the idea of one woman seeing the benefits of lambskin. She sought to product the perfect lambskin for babies - she explained her idea to Bowron. The Bowron researchers began a four year development program and the babycare range came into existence. Today, Bowron Babycare lambskins are sought after by caring mothers all over the world.