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Belly Bandit 2-IN-1 Bandit (Nude)

A double dose of support. The 2-in-1 Bandit™ is designed to work with your body during and after pregnancy. While your bump grows, the band comfortably lifts and supports you in all the right places. Then, once you've delivered, wrap it around your hips to help guide them back to pre-pregnancy size.
  • complete adjustability to grow with your belly
  • eases sciatic, back & leg pain
  • helps relieve bladder discomfort
  • may help to minimize stretch marks
  • helps increase circulation & blood flow
  • decreases varicose veins, hernias & hemorrhoids 
  • helps guide your hips back to pre-pregnancy size after you give birth

Size 1: Hip size (0-8) = XS - M
Size 2: Hip size (10-18) = L - XL


1 x Belly Bandit® 2-in-1 Bandit™ (Nude). Adjustable pre & post natal support belt.
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Brand Belly Bandit
Condition New
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