Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Pink Dots

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter (Pink Dots)

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A stylish and practical solution - stops toys from hitting the ground when out and about or becoming lost, keeping baby's favourite companion close by for anytime play.
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The Tutim NYC Toy Sitter acts as a 'sitter' to prevent toys from falling to the ground and getting lost. Baby can easily grab hold of their toy when they want to play. It will hold almost all toys and easily attaches to strollers, car seat etc - it's a super practical solution to an age old problem and they look lovely too. Handmade in the USA each sitter is individually crafted to a high standard.  Perfect  for use with Sophie the Giraffe or wooden teething rings (available separately).
Brand Tutim NYC
Condition New
1 x Tutim NYC Toy Sitter - Pink Dots. One end of the Toy sitter will easily connect to the toy and the other to a stroller, car seat, carrier or high chair etc. Center snap adjusts to allow shortening of the straps overall length or to create a larger loop at the end.
Machine Washable
Use under adult supervision
  • keeps toy close by
  • stops toys becoming lost
  • practical solution 
  • stylish design
  • adjustable length
  • handmade in the USA

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