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Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY
Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY
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Poco Baby Hammock (White) - EX DISPLAY

Brand: Poco Baby
RRP: £169.95
Provides a reassuring natural sleeping environment for your newborn baby. A gentle transition from the womb to bed for longer, more peaceful sleeps.


Babies love the Poco Baby hammock for several reasons. Providing a tactile experience, they move with your baby's movement creating a womb like environment. Sleeping in this natural cradled position provides a true sense of security and comfort, meaning your baby is likely to sleep longer and better than when in a conventional cot or moses basket.  Additionally they have been proven to soothe and relieve symptoms of colic, reflux and settle even the most irritable of babies.
The Poco Baby Hammock gives an extended period of use, moses baskets are suitable form birth to approximately three months whilst  the hammock is suitable up to 9 months. A beautiful piece of baby furniture that becomes the central focal point of any newborns nursery. Use the baby hammock for not only as an alternative to a cot but because it is so quick and easy to dissemble you can use the hammock to travel with.  It comes with its own travel bag so there is no need for the additional expense of a travel cot.

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1 x Poco Baby Hammock (White). With removable washable (and easy iron) sling and mattress cover. Includes mattress, travel bag and co-ordinating sheets (2pk).
Box contains: Frame with all required components, hammock, hammock mattress, mattress cover, spring, spring cover, cross bar, travel bag, pack of 2 sheets (matching colour).
Additional accessories: Extra sheets and the recommended Baby Sleep Positioner are available to purchase at the same time. These items can be selected from the drop down menus above. (The adjustable Sleep Positioner is used to centre and comfort small babies in their hammock, cot or pram. Recommended for babies under 8lbs. Suitable from birth to 3 months.)

Age suitability: From birth until 9 months
Maximum weight: 29lbs

Care: All fabrics can be machine washed as normal. Please following washing guidelines in the instructions provided. Mattress cannnot be washed.

  • portable & adjustable
  • breathable fabrics
  • helps relieve reflux and colic
  • calms and soothes baby
  • natural cradled position while baby sleeps
  • ideal for day, night and travel
The Poco Baby Hammock has several benefits. Designed to replicate the restful womblike environment baby loved,  these hammocks make for a smoother, happier transition into the world around.
For babies with colic, it works to help alleviate the discomfort and unease associated with the symptoms. Suspended from a spring, the Poco Baby Hammock will gently bounce your baby - this can help calm a distressed baby and at the same time relieved the trapped bubbles from baby's intestines. Child experts advise that colicky babies should be rocked back and forth and gently bounced. This is precisely what the hammock does and has been proven to be extremely beneficial.
If your baby suffers from reflux, it will help with this condition too. Reflux is a condition common in premature babies - the upsetting symptoms of reflux can be alleviated using the Poco Baby Hammock. The semi upright position when baby is placed in the sling, effectively helps relieve discomfort, so baby is calmer, less distressed and able to fall into needed sleep.
Although babies love the bouncing motion of the Poco Baby Hammock we DO NOT recommend you bounce babies if they have reflux, instead use a gentle swinging motion as you will find any bouncing motion may aggravate reflux, they will find the bouncing great fun when they have out grown the reflux. 

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