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Nappy Changing Bags
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It's great to see the number of new parents who are now using slings to get around with their baby. The benefits of baby sling wearing cannot be overestimated. We adore the Close Baby Carrier Sling for its versatility and the fact it is made from natural materials. 
Lambskins are perfect for keeping your baby warm and snuggled up during the cold winter months but you don't need to pack it away during summer. Lambskin liners are breathable and ensures that baby's skin temperature stays regulated during the hot months too.
You probably won't be able to leave the house without that all important changing bag. The paraphenalia that comes with baby is extensive. Since you'll be taking it everywhere with you, we thought you'd like it to be stylish, well designed and practical too. Our reasons for choosing to stock in the sophisticated Oi Oi Bags.


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