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Natures Purest Sleepy Safari Moses Basket
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Natures Purest Sleepy Safari Moses Basket

Brand: Natures Purest
Fully dressed, substantial palm leaf moses basket - including wadded lining, coverlet, mattress and fitted sheet. Made with organic cotton.

For the healthiest possible start in life, parents are choosing natural and gentle materials for their baby and baby's nursery. Natures Purest offers good value for money, using high quality materials for a beautiful, practical and durable finish.
The Natures Purest Sleepy Safari  Moses Basket is a generously sized hand woven palm leaf basket and comes complete with padded easy grip handles so it can easily be moved from room to room,. Fully dressed with everything you need for an early bedding set, it features the popular Sleepy Safari theme.

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1 x Natures Purest Sleepy Safari Moses Basket. This is a larger than average basket made from handwoven natural palm leaf. It includes:
  • natural coloured organic cotton wadded liner
  • natural coloured organic cotton basket liner
  • padded handle grips
  • foam mattress
  • organic cotton jersey fitted sheet.  
  • organic cotton velour blanket
  • ​room temperature thermometer
Stand and/or additional fitted sheets can be purchased separately from the drop down menu above.
Basket: Palm leaf
Bedding: Natural coloured cotton
Wadding: Polyester filling
Mattress: Foam

External: 77x31cm
Internal: 76x28cm

Height: of sides: 25cm
Mattress: 74x 28cm

You can use a moses basket from birth until your baby weighs 9 kilos (19 pounds 13oz). This is probably around the age of three to four months. A moses basket is only suitable for a baby who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push itself up on its hands and knees. A safety guide is provided with the product.
Please ensure you refer to individual sew-in labels as some products will have specific instructions or are sponge-clean only, but where washable, the following guidelines apply:
  • Use non-biological powder.
  • Maximum temperature 40, but to save energy if it's not dirty, wash at 30.
  • Do not tumble dry. 
You can wipe clean the palm leaf basket if necessary with lukewarm water  and non bio detergent using a soft sponge.
Safety: Under UK law fire retardant has been applied to the polyester liner of the mattress. This is covered by the cotton dressing and is therefore not in contact with the baby.

No toxic dyes - made with natural coloured organic cotton
Natural coloured cotton  is a pigmented fibre that grows in shades of green and brown. The natural colour is from the plants inherent natural genetic properties. It is also 100% free from pollution-causing fertilisers, harmful pesticides and chemicals. Soft and luxurious naturally coloured cotton products let your baby's skin breathe easier. Simple and natural products give your baby the healthiest possible start in life. This moses basket has been made to the highest ethical labour standards

Natural coloured cotton is special  because nothing has been added . The finest 100% natural and pure cotton.

  • No dyes
  • No bleach
  • No chemical pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • No formaldehyde
  • No chlorinated phenoles
  • No chloro-organic carriers
  • No biologically active finished
  • Just 100% natural and pure

Conventional cotton accounts for just 3% of all farmland worldwide but uses around 25% of all pesticides. It takes one cup (113gms or 4oz) of harmful chemicals to manufacture 1 conventional T-shirt. Bleaches and dyes are toxic chemicals and when used in the processing and manufacture of conventional cotton garments traces of these toxins remain in the fabrics. Therefore, not only does the process have a detrimental effect on the environment but can also affect the consumer. Worst of all the disposal of the waste chemicals used to process the cotton can destroy eco systems that have taken millions of years to evolve.
Good for baby
Natures Purest products are created with PH friendly, unprocessed fabric that breathes as naturally as your baby's skin. 
The skin is the body's largest organ. Different to an adult, a baby's skin is extremely sensitive and more vulnerable to toxins and chemicals. Harmful substances can easily penetrate through the skin into baby's body and blood stream. In their first year of life, babies spend around 16 hours a day sleeping. When not resting in their cribs, babies spend a lot of time playing in their bedroom so you can see how important it is to surround them with healthy, natural products and toys.

Great for the Earth
Natures Purest organic cotton is grown without using toxic fertilisers or chemical pesticides ensuring enviromentally sustainable production. 

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