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These days there really is something special about a company that not only starts out with sound ethics and a determination to do business in an environmentally friendly way, without compromising on qualit,y but that also remains doing business in the exact same way when finding success. Our first encounter with Natures Purest came back in 2006 when we were looking to expand our range of organic clothing. At that stage they had 3 collections, all of which we placed an order for there and then. 

Now we have the happy choice of many more collections, each of which is as lovely as the other.  We know when we list a Natures Purest product on our website or display it in the shop, that not only are we offering a high quality luxury product, but one that is also great value for money.  We continue to be delighted with all their collections and strive to stock as much of their products as possibe.  We proudly continue to hold the Hug Me, Sleepy Safari, Pure Love ranges, their original collections.

This company is passionate about maintaining the integrity of each and every thing they sell. Their cotton is organic, sourced from fairtrade growers and handpicked to ensure that only the finest crop is selected. The silk they use in the Pure Love collection is 100% silk and a lot of thought goes into the finished product. The end result is a quality assured beautiful item. In the later collections they began to introduce elements of bamboo. Bamboo is not only extremely environmentally friendly but also becomes silky soft at the end of the manufacturing process. Hard to believe until you touch it - and the beauty is it just gets softer with every wash. 

In particular we love that with Natures Purest the only fabric your baby will come into contact with is guaranteed to be free from fertilisers, harmful chemicals and pesticides. Materials manufactured from organic cotton, silk and bamboo are highly breathable and allow your child's skin to breathe. So very important, especially in the early years given how thin your baby's skin is compared to an adults. Chemicals can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and evidence of research into toxins such BPA for example is alarming. 

Browse through our site for all of their ranges and most of their products. An amazing collection of co-ordinated
 toysclothing, bedding and nursery accessories. You won't be dissapointed.

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