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Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat)
Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat) Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat) Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat) Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat)
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Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat (Honey Oat)

Brand: Merino Kids
RRP: £40.00
Ideal for any season - a merino wool swaddle that has been proven to be beneficial to the comfort, sleep cycle and general well being of young babies

Swaddling has been shown to be beneficial to babies, settling and calming as well as helping them to sleep better and for longer. The Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddling Wrap is especially created for newborn babies using an innovative winged design that gently stretches across baby's body to give a sense of calm and security. Holding firmly in place, it is an extremely easy to use wrap with no fuss and a perfect fit every time.
You can also use the Merino Kids Cocooi swaddle when out and about - its unique vent system system at the back allows you to securely fasten it to a car seat or buggy, meaning there is no need to disturb your sleeping baby when it comes to taking them in and out. Made with superfine merino wool it's a wonderful fabric that offers gentleness and exceptional breathability, helping with temperature control. Insulating from the cold or releasing moisture to keep baby comfortably cooler when needed.

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1 x Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle in Honey Oat colourway (includes free matching hat).  Made from naturally stretchy 100% New Zealand merino wool using superfine spun fibres for exceptional softness. Patented diagonal winged design with pouch. Designed with seat belt vent to back.
Material: 100% superfine merino wool.
Sizing: To fit from 0 months to 3 months approx.

Care: To protect and care for your Merino Kids Swaddle we recommend that you always carefully follow the care instructions that comes with it. It is important that this product is washed using only wool approved detergents.  It is machine washable (using lukewarm water at a temperature below 30°C). Merino garments should never be soaked, bleached, washed in hot water or spot cleaned. If drying outdoors, be sure to ensure it is in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Cool iron if desired.
The Merino Kids Swaddle is easy to use.  Its award winning winged pouch design means you can swaddle baby quickly, gently, and securely in just 3 easy steps. 

1. Place baby’s feet inside foot pouch.
2. Wrap short wing down over baby’s left shoulder and left arm, across and under baby. Bring right arm down, wrap long wing down over baby’s right shoulder and around baby twice.
3. Tuck it in and baby will be snug and secure inside the Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle.

From around 8-12 weeks your baby will most probably be ready to stop being swaddled. There are some simple guidelines to help your baby transition away from swaddling. When you feel your baby is ready to move into a sleepbag you can 'wean' them off slowly, thus making sure they are happy to move to the next stage in their sleeping habits.
For the transition stage: During week 1 and possibly week 2 try letting your baby sleep with one arm out of the wrap. For the next week or so take both arms out, keeping the feet still wrapped for another 1-2 weeks at this point. At the end of this period move baby completely out of the wrap and let them sleep in their sleeping bag.
Your baby should have no problem moving on, it is the startle reflex in the first three months of your baby's life that generally wakes them up. After  three months your baby will no longer 'startle' thus finding the sleeping bag every bit as comfortable and secure, having grown out of the need for a 'womb like' sensation. Remember babies will transition at different stages - take each step in the time you need.
Safety first: Your Cocooi Swaddle comes with a free hat. We recommend that this hat is only used indoors for premature or low birth weight babies.
WARNING: Infants must NEVER be placed on their stomach or covered with any top sheets, duvets or blankets when swaddled. A child's safety is the responsibility of the parents or carer.
  • made using natural, breathable fibre
  • helps regulate baby's body temperature
  • super stretchy, gentle fabric for safe swaddling
  • award winning, patented diagonal wing design
  • easy to use - perfect fit every time allowing baby to settle into a comfortable position
  • gives baby a sense of security by replicating a 'womb like' environment
  • helps stop baby from waking because of the startle reflex, making for an improved sleep cycle
Benefits of the Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle:
It's made from superfine, super stretchy merino wool. It is not synthetic and 'breathes' better than any other material. This swaddle can help regulate your baby's own body temperature, keeping him or her warm when cold and cool during hotter weather. It releases heat and moisture naturally so helping to allow an overheating baby to cool down. Its non-allergenic properties are ideal for babies who suffer from delicate skin conditions and allergies. 

Having won a prestigious award from the International Forum Designs Body, the Merino Kids Swaddle has been recognised with a Seal of Outstanding Quality. 
It has a patented diagonal wing design which means the merino will flow naturally in a diagonal direction from over baby's shoulders to the chest, hugging your baby close so they can't wriggle free. The cross over shape ensures the fabric stays clear from their face at all times. 
Importantly it is a soft stretchy fabric, this means your baby can freely move in their sleep and as they would have when in the womb. With the swaddle securely in place they can tuck their hands under their chest, raise up their knees, and kick and punch whilst blissfully asleep. Your baby can therefore fully enjoy natural limb movement whilst still restricting the 'startle reflex'. The bottom half of the swaddle has a wide loose pouch, giving plenty of room for baby; it allows legs to fall naturally into a 'frog-like' position without hindrance.
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