Discoveroo makes educational and developmental wooden toys with finesse. Sourcing environmentally friendly sustainable plantation woods to bring to life unique and classical toys to be enjoyed by babies and young children.

An Australian brand that is making a name for itself in Europe, they use only factories that meet their ethical criteria, ensuring that the workers that make their toys are paid fairly and have good working standards. Discoveroo start to design every toy with the concept of education at it's heart. In the very beginning of the process the initial plan of creating a toy with a learning objective is paramount. Corners are never cut when it comes to materials used so that the fundamental structure of the toy means you get a quality product but one that is always affordable too.

Wooden toys invoke nostalgia for simpler times, when toys sparked imagination and were made to last. They do look beautiful and are loved by children. Discoveroo are a brand looking to recapture the richness of educational play through traditional wooden toys. High quality eco-friendly plantation wood has been used to make true classics for today's generation from generations past.

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