Close Pop-in New Gen V2 Mixed Up Middle Box in bamboo minkee Brights

Close Pop-in New Gen V2 Mixed Up Middle Box in +bamboo +minkee (Brights)

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A mixed combination of super absorbent bamboo and quick drying micro-fibre - this may well be the perfect Pop-in system.
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The Close Pop-in New Gen V2 mixed up middle box is designed for most days and nights. There are 7 nappies made from gorgeously soft and highly absorbent +bamboo which are fantastic for night-time long car journeys or periods of heavy wetting and 3 plush +minkee nappies which won’t go quite as long between change times but are incredibly fast drying meaning you will never be left waiting for inners to air dry come laundry time.

Close Pop-in's have stretchy tabs just like a disposable nappy for a snug fit around baby every time with a soft waterproof shell that lets baby's bottom breathe. There is a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy to get extra dry time between changes. The award winning V2 Pop-ins are the newest and best yet - with their hidden wash tab and greater flexibility in sizing and fit. The specially designed night time booster pops into the nappy to keep them dry overnight once they are sleeping through. 

Bamboo is a luxurious, comfortable material that is antibacterial, breathable and incredibly absorbent - we recommend it for parents concerned about sensitive and allergy prone skin. Minkee is incredibly soft and fast wicking, whilst not as absorbent as natural fibres it air dries much faster so is ideal for parents who don't have much outdoor drying space.

The mixed box contains 3 minkee and 7 bamboo new generation V2 reusable nappies, 3 night time bamboo boosters, 80 biodegradable liners and one tote bag.
Brand Close
Condition New
MPN 321905-A
GTIN 5060123255058

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