Close Pop-in Middle Box Minkee - Bright New Gen V2

Close Pop-in Middle Box Minkee - Bright (New Gen V2)

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The softest touch combined with new generation flexibility and so easy to use. A micro-fibre nappy that gives a comfortable, snug fit alongside superior performance.  Life need not be difficult.
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This box of treasures from Close includes 10 high performing, comfortable and ultra soft nappies, along with some extremely useful accessories that will supplement and support your cloth nappying routine. The Minkee is a micro-fibre nappy that gives great flexibility and excellent performance. 

It's a clever hybrid design, bringing together the benefits of an easy to use all-in-one together with the fast drying, improved adjustable fit that a 2-part system is famous for. The Minkee is a fast wicking nappy that will soak up wetness quickly and efficiently.

Its micro polyester construction makes it incredibly soft, with a luxurious feel against baby's skin, and the best thing is that because it's micro-fibre it will stay that way even after repeated washes.
Brand Close
Condition New
MPN 311205
GTIN 5060123252996
1 x Close Middle Box Minkee New Generation V2 Pop-in Nappies. Contains 10 nappies in a mixed combination of 'Bright' colours (2 in each colour,. 3 Bamboo Nighttime Boosters, 1 roll of 80 Biodegradable Liners and 1 x Close Tote Bag. 
Inserts: Top, 100% fast wicking polyester. Base layer, 100% Polyester microfibre. Outer shell: 100% Polyester with PU coating. 
Fits from approx newborn up to approx 15kg
Pop-ins are designed to fit most babies from birth through to potty. The maximum waist size of your Pop-in is 56-57cm. You should choose the nappy setting that most closely fits your baby's legs for maximum containment. Do remember - you may find that your little one quickly progresses through the size settings faster than you anticipate, they may even be on the largest setting at night by 6-8 months, but don't panic, they will soon be mobile and their body shape will change.  
Care instructions:
Looking after your Close Minkee Nappies is easy, both the inserts and the outer shell can be washed at 60. There are some special precautions to ensure the integrity and longevity of your nappy. Please follow the instructions that comes with your nappies to properly care for your nappies in the correct way.

When you first receive your nappies please wash the inserts 2-3 times, the outer shell can be washed just the once.
  • Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • Never use biological detergent
  • Never use bleaching agents or brighteners
  • Never tumble dry the outer shell or leave it over direct heat such as radiator
  • Never use products containing vinegar or high quantities of citric acid
  • Never use bi-carbonate of soda
  • Always close the tabs on your Pop-in nappy before washing. Unclosed tabs may cause damage.
Handy tips:
A cool rinse before washing will help lift dried in stains and keep your nappies fresh and ammonia free. With cloth nappies it's better not to spin at more than 800rpms. Sunshine any time of the year is great for stubborn stains, so if you can try to dry outside when weather permits.

The Pop-ins are designed to allow you to separate the absorbent parts from the outer shell come laundry time, this cuts drying time dramatically. However for ease you can choose to simply undo the front two poppers of the soaker and wash and dry as one piece.
You can bring the bounce back to your fibres with a short stint in the dryer, separate the soaker and booster from the outer shell and tumble dry on a low heat for just 10mins. We recommend only tumble drying infrequently to maximise the lifespan of the product.  
You don't have to use nappy liners but these will help keep mess to a minimum come change time. Try and rinse off as much of the poo as possible before storing, you can always rinse your dirty Pop-in under the flush of the toilet before storing.
Storing your nappies:
We don't recommend you soak your Pop-in Minkees as this will adversely affect the lifespan of the waterproofing, instead simply pop in your wet and dirty nappies in the Close Tote Bag that comes with the Middle Box. These are great. They don't take up floor space and can be hung out of the way of mischievous little hands. Once you have emptied the nappies into the drum simply turn the bag inside out and add to the wash. As they grow you can use them as swim or nursery bag for your little nipper.
Getting the best out of your Minkee Pop-ins
Remember that manmade fibres are not as absorbent as natural ones so you should expect a few more changes throughout the day. If your little one is a particularily heavy wetter or you need a little more absorbency we recommend that you use the bamboo boosters that comes with the Middle Box.  

To make sure your little one has nothing but dream filled nights Close have designed the nighttime booster to provide that extra bit of absorbency needed to help keep your baby comfy and dry overnight. This clever little pad is what makes the Pop-in the most reliable of nighttime nappies. They neatly wrap around the integral nappy booster, once in place simply tuck under the front and back pocket. 
How to use
  • Take your Pop-in (on the right popper setting), open it out and lay flat on the change mat
  • You may take out the booster pad if you feel it is not required
  • Place a disposable liner (unfolded) on top of the nappy tucking it under the pockets and under the soaker
  • Lay your baby on top of the assembled nappy, pull up the front between baby's legs and fasten nappy around the baby, pulling the stretchy tabs to size. A snug and secure fit is important, you should be able to get two fingers under the soft waistband.
  • When your baby needs changing simply undo the velcro tabs on the outer shell, remove the liner and place any solids down the loo.
  • soft elasticated waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
  • stretchy tabs for a soft snug fit around baby
  • absorbent panel draws and holds more wetness in the middle for extra dryness
  • removable soaker and booster for variable absorbency and faster drying
  • simple aplix fastening makes changes easy
  • cleverly positioned poppers to adjust as baby grows
  • waterproof shell that still lets baby's bottom breathe
  • double gusset to protect against leaks

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