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Gentle well designed baby clothes made without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and free from cancer causing chemicals such as cyanazine, dicofol, naled, propargite and trifluralin.  Certified organic, bamboo and merino clothing that is well made, durable and easy to wash.
When we first started it was near impossible to find well designed, high quality chemical free clothes for babies.  We knew for ethical and health reasons that it was essential our ranges were manufactured with natural organic fibres. Since then we have been delighted to notice the increasing choice available to us.  We offer to you, in our opinion, the leading companies creating beautiful, long lasting and practical clothing for our babies.

The cotton and linen are free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Great attention has been paid to the finished product, offering you a range that is beautiful to look at, comfortable to wear and practical to care for. 

Organic cotton feels softer as the cotton fibres are left intact and are not broken down by conventional cotton farming and processing. Organic cotton smells cleaner because it is not finished with formaldehyde. Organic cotton is less likely to trigger allergies due to the absence of harmful chemicals. Organic cotton has increased breathability. Let's not forget also the amazing soft properties of Bamboo and Merino Wool.

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If you think of cotton, then you think this is natural.  It is of course but then they go and spray it with all sorts of frightening chemicals that blend into the material and potentially pass into our bloodstreams. It most certainly causes imense damage to the environment and kills many thousand of workers in the cotton industry.  It is a heavily farmed crop and when you choose organic cotton over conventional cotton you are ensuring that what goes next to your baby's skin is as natural as it was meant to be.

Nowadays it is not just about organic cotton. The advances in technology has also brought us clothes and bedding made from hemp, bamboo and ultra gentle Merino Wool.  When you clothe your child, ensure it's chemical free.

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